Why everyone should read nonfiction

When I was in elementary school, even middle school, all I read was fiction. I loved novels with protagonists, mythical creatures, talking animals, and scenarios that of course would only happen in books and not the real world. I think reading fiction served its purpose for me as a child, it gave me an imagination, maybe too much of one for my own good. With fiction, we can allow ourselves to escape reality, because it’s all “just a story”. 

But nonfiction? Now, nonfiction cements us to the real world, to our own lives. Nonfiction isn’t fantasy, it’s not make believe, it’s something that actually happened to something or someone. And with nonfiction there’s no escaping into it, instead reading nonfiction forces you to face the issue. There is no running and hiding. It’s the truth. So, whether it’s an easy read or a biography on an individual who endured triumph and tragedy, like Louis Zamperini’s journey in Unbroken, non fiction teaches us lessons about the real world.


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