The Great Outdoors

 Like every other teenager, I love my phone. I’m on it checking Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and any other social media frequently. All of this media is supposed to make you connected to other people. While it’s nice to see what everyone else is doing or saying 24/7, I find myself most at peace when I’m outdoors, with my phone out away.

Recently I went for a hike near South Lake Tahoe called Maggie’s Peak. The hike was a total of 6 miles, the first three being all uphill. With my phone tucked away in a backpack, it was just me and nature. I began to notice every detail, the vibrant green lichen growing on the massive pine trees, the speckled coloring of the large granite rocks, the clearness of a blue sky, everything around me I noticed. I was kind of shocked, is this what the world always looks like when I’m not on my phone? I thought.

But maybe, as I reached the peak after those long, tough three miles uphill, I found myself. I’m not talking about an entire spiritual summit here, but I felt more in tune with my surroundings and who I was. So regardless of who you are, or where you are, when you are outside, please put your phone down, and just enjoy the great outdoors.


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