looking back

its funny how life goes. Little moments turn into big ones. but we never realize the little moments, until its too late. its human error. And i know I’m just as guilty as everyone else. We are just too worried about trying to survive and get by. High school is one of these perishes. Four years trying to find yourself. yet as the days of senior year wind down, you wish you had more time. because after this everyone goes their own ways. we will never be this young again. high school is the turning point for most of us. either keep your head above the water, or drown and get left behind. And as you stand in the halls for the last time, and thank god your done with this hell hole, I guarantee you will feel a pang of sadness. because while this was a long painful experience for some of us, it made us who we are. and as you prepare for the next chapter, remember the heartbreak, remember the pain, remember the smiles, remember each day, remember these little moments. because when you are the one standing in the hall for the last time, you are going to wish you had. High school is a test, you either pass or fail, there’s no in between. and after this we all go our own ways. i know the saddest part for me will be when i stand in that hall for the last time and i realize all the people i never knew in my class because we were all consumed in our own friend groups, to notice everyone else. and i know ill flip through my yearbook and see the faces of fellow classmates who were with me all the four years, who i never even knew existed. but whether you are one of the noticed ones, or the invisible ones, don’t forget the little moments, because no matter who you are, these memories are the ones to keep. because standing in the hall for the last time, realizing you are never coming back here, that’s when you are going to regret it. you’ll regret not kissing that boy, or not asking the girl you had a crush on since the third grade to prom, or missing the track practice when you had a water balloon fight, its the little moments in the end that add up to make this one big moment that we should forever remember. because this is high school, this is our time, make every day count, because listen to me when I say these days are numbered and time will fly a lot faster than you think.


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