The Funny Thing About Love

Yes, I know I’m only in high school and I probably haven’t experienced what to be in love really feels like, but I notice things, I always have. But I’ve felt and witnessed heartbreak. I’ve seen other people get their hearts broken to know what it must feel like. And it hurts. It will always […]

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Do you ever just wish you can go back and change one thing? Not say one lie that could spiral into a series of flamboyant tales.  Or do say something you’ve been hiding inside yourself all these years. If I had one moment to reverse the things I’ve said and done in my youth, I […]

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The Great Outdoors

 Like every other teenager, I love my phone. I’m on it checking Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and any other social media frequently. All of this media is supposed to make you connected to other people. While it’s nice to see what everyone else is doing or saying 24/7, I find myself most at peace when I’m […]

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looking back

its funny how life goes. Little moments turn into big ones. but we never realize the little moments, until its too late. its human error. And i know I’m just as guilty as everyone else. We are just too worried about trying to survive and get by. High school is one of these perishes. Four […]

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Welcome to my blog

I don’t really know why I wanted to write a blog. It’s not like I was suddenly inspired by someone and something. But maybe its because I want to be heard. Hell, most people won’t even read this, but if it’s something that helps get all the feeling and thoughts kept pent up inside of […]

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